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Hello, We're Pinvincibles

We’re a team of very passionate individuals and we are obsessed with all things Pinterest.

Pinvincibles was founded by me, Alex, a multi-passionate woman who has been an active Pinterest user from the start of the platform. I quickly went from a simple avid user of the app to being really interested in figuring out how Pinterest could help the businesses I was working with (I was a Virtual Assistant at the time) and I really dove in.

What else can I say? It was love at first sight. Pinterest had so much potential and was so underutilized and underestimated that I dedicated myself fully to Pinterest strategies in 2018. With always that one goal in mind: to help my clients and customers get the best results from such a wonderful platform.

As time went on, I needed a bit of help on the admin side of things so I grew the team to be able to bring the best Pinterest services. I’m not the best at video editing so I brought someone in to help me with that, our systems are built in a way where we have automated reminders for a lot of things so I brought in someone to help me manage that,… Don’t worry though, I’ll still be your main interlocutor, if we hop on a call, you’ll have me in front of you and I still create all the strategies myself and supervise the implementation but I now have help from some wonderful people to apply them.

As a team, we are always learning and trying new things on the platform to test what performs better. Pinterest is ever-evolving and it’s unlike every other social media platform. The content we are posting today will still be useful to users in a year, in two years, and even more. In very simple terms, it means today’s work will keep compounding forever on your Pinterest presence. 

We offer a wide range of services, from the fully Done For You Pinterest Monthly Management to Ads Management to consulting calls if you need a little bit of help to solve a problem or to help you build a strategy that you will then apply yourself.

Our Core Values

Being there for our clients is very important for us. We’ve been working for years with some of them and we pride ourselves with providing them with the best experience.

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients and we want to know their businesses so well that we can embody their content and products on Pinterest. When we start working together on a Pinterest Management project we dedicate a full week to getting to know your content, processing it into our systems, and asking you any question we have on the subject. That way we know what content to prioritize while still not forgetting all the wonderful content you have to share.



Book a discovery call

You want to work on your Pinterest strategy with us but you’re not sure yet what would be the best option for you: VIP day, strategy session or Done For You Pinterest Marketing, we can discuss your options and ideas together on a call.



Pinterest Marketing and Strategy

A Hands-off approach to Pinterest. We establish the Strategy and create the content schedule according to your goals



A deep dive into your Pinterest strategy

A full day dedicated answering your questions about Pinterest and helping you build your Strategy to succeed on Pinterest on your own.