Have you been finding it difficult to grow your account and reach your audience on Pinterest?

Time to take a breath and allow us to take over to help you reach your goals. Smoothly running a successful Pinterest account might feel like yet another task on your to-do list as a business owner or marketer and it takes time you don’t have to keep up with the current best practices and updates of the platform. Worry not! We are here to help you.


Here at Pinvincibles, we offer GrowthSales and Results. With your Pinterest business page, we take a hands-off approach to Pinterest. We establish the strategy and create schedules according to your desired goals. We create beautiful trendy pins while staying true to your brand’s colors. 

We build your brand’s public awareness, grow your Pinterest page followers, build engagement, help you inspire your potential customers. All of this will lead to an overall increased traffic to your website. We can also create and manage ads on your Pinterest account if you desire.

We believe Pinterest Marketing Services should be available to as many businesses as possible no matter their size and budget. As such, we decided to offer a wide range of prices to accommodate small businesses and big companies, subsequently we priced our smallest package at $259 a month. It includes what we consider the bare minimum viable strategy on Pinterest: 1 static pins a day and 1 Video Pin a week. This can be a good start if you don’t have a lot of content or products but if you do have more, we would recommend more aggressive strategies in other pricing tiers.

Our pricing largely depends on the scope of work such as, amount and types of posts per week, pins and video pins creation, ads management. No matter the package you’ll pick, we will keep you updated through a short email on a weekly basis and a big monthly update with your numbers and next Pinterest goals.

Pinterest is not a quick scheme (unless maybe you have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend on advertising – if so, we can also do it for you!). But just like your Google ranking through SEO, it takes time, dedication and research to grow on Pinterest. And we are here with you for as long as you need us. We pride ourselves in building long term relationships with our clients and love to see our early work still paying off months or even years later. This is the power of Pinterest, growth has a compounding effect. The longer we work on growing a Pinterest account and the more consistent we are, the more successful we are in reaching your audience.

Our team of Pinterest nerds (in the best ways) awaits you. We will study every number, every trend to connect your brand to your people. Book a call today to have a chat about your Pinterest account and how we can help you achieve your goals.