christmas spirit

The festive guide to boosting your holiday season sales through Pinterest marketing.

As the winter air gets cooler, marketers all around the globe gear up for the biggest holiday of the year – Christmas.

Let us show you why Pinterest is so important for your Christmas marketing and the strategies you can use for success in your holiday campaigns on Pinterest.

What Makes This 2022 Holiday Season So Different

 The world is moving on from the pandemic, and most countries have eased restrictions on social gatherings.

But at the same time, worry is on everybody’s mind: cost of living rising, war, natural disasters, it’s still a lot. So, this holiday season is still much more different, even from past two Christmas.

While things are slowly returning to normal, your audience still has a lot on their plate.

Circumstances have forced people to reconsider their holidays and they have taught them that Christmas can mean different things to different people.

If someone isn’t traveling to be with their families, it’s still Christmas. If Christmas Eve is spent with a partner or a few close friends, it’s still joyful.

This also means that they are now open to more innovative ideas regarding celebrations. People are still inventing new traditions. 

This holiday season feels like the biggest crossover between the tried and tested marketing strategies and more novel ideas. 

This year, people who shop for the holidays want to have as much fun as possible.

They’re finally ready to have those parties they’ve been planning for a few years.

Huge fests. Formal holiday parties. Big Thanksgiving potlucks with everyone they’ve been waiting to see but also they’re finding every reason to celebrate, small or big.

Marketers, therefore, need to pull off campaigns that resonate with the newfound openness of most shoppers, especially those on Pinterest.

Why Is Pinterest So Important For Your Holiday Season Sales

Pinterest is one of the unique social platforms where 77% of users are more likely to discover new brands and products than other social media platforms.

The platform offers paid and organic tools; it currently has the lowest CPC in social media advertising. 

You can mix both organic and paid effort and gain maximum ROI. With 478 million monthly users, this social platform has massive potential to expand your brand reach.

Coming to Pinterest’s role in digital marketing, around 28% of marketers leverage Pinterest to market their products.

That’s not nearly enough, especially when its advertising reached over 200 million people in January 2022.

That’s because Pinners are different from other social media users, and here’s how.

What Makes Pinterest Shoppers So Unique

Pinners Are Always Shopping

People who use Pinterest once a week are 7 times more likely than people who use other social media platforms to say it’s the most important platform in their buying process. 

So, shoppers on Pinterest are constantly shopping and tend to spend more: thrice as much as other social media users.

They Use Pinterest To Discover New Ideas

Active users and shoppers on Pinterest want brands to help them discover new ways to celebrate this year’s festive season.

Unlike other platforms, 97% of searches on Pinterest are not branded. Instead, users are looking for inspiration and new brands to help them make their ideas come to life.

Pinterest Strategies That Could Fire Up Your Christmas Sales

Halloween stamps the beginning of the holiday season on Pinterest, which continues well into January of the following year.

However, the planning actually begins far earlier than the celebration. Therefore, it would help if you began marketing your holiday plans and goods months in advance to take advantage of the chance.

For Christmas, the ads peak between July and December. Out of the many ways you can boost your holiday revenue in these months, here are the most customizable strategies that can work for your business, no matter your niche!

Refine What A Holiday Means

As we’ve mentioned, the pandemic and all that’s happening around us have made people more self-aware. 

Your consumer has tapped into your biggest gold mine- their own selves. They know what brings them joy and comfort.

The potential customer knows it’s the little things in life that matter. This all means that you will have to tailor your definition of a holiday according to what it means for your target audience.

Run More Objectives And Run Them Early

The early advertiser gets the sale! Activate more objectives around the big and small moments of the season because last year’s stats show an increase in conversion rate of about 45% for those who did this.

Similarly, the advertisers who ran multiple objectives during the holidays had an 18% increase in sales per impression.

Doing all of this still isn’t enough. 90% of Pinners use Pinterest for gift ideas and start looking for them before December. 

Pinterest Shoppers Outside The US

Over 70% of Pinterest traffic originates from outside the US. Here’s a brief look at some demographics of Pinterest users and shoppers who aren’t American but drive a significant portion of holiday sales.

In the UK

UK adults are spending 3.5 hours of their waking hours online. They turn to Pinterest for a much-needed break from doom-scrolling.

6 in 10 Pinners in the UK enjoy familiar festive traditions. That’s 35% more than non-Pinners. 

UK Pinners are 2.2x more likely to enjoy creating new festive traditions than UK non-Pinners. 

3 in 5 UK shoppers on Pinterest say that it offers inspiration for what to do and what to buy for the festive season- that’s 37% higher than what non-Pinners say about any other platforms.

In Germany

6 in 10 Pinners say Pinterest makes them discover new brands and products for the festive season. This figure is 48% higher than what they say about other social platforms.

70% of Pinners in Germany use Pinterest to plan the big and small moments in their lives. That’s over two and a half times as likely as non-Pinners. 

3 in 5 people Pinterest users in Germany confirm that they get personalized ideas. That’s 66% higher than on social media competitors. 

Holiday Pinterest Marketing Starts Much Before Cyber Week

Brands can use targeted content to move already serious shoppers down the conversion funnel much more quickly with Pinterest than with other social media platforms, which makes it great for Christmas marketing.

Holiday marketing is crucial because it’s the ideal time to advance your brand through greater exposure, better customer retention, or more sales.

As you can see from our stats, it’s best to start your holiday marketing as soon as possible to accumulate the highest sales.

Keep up with our blog for more info and tips on how to flawlessly pull off all your seasonal campaigns, or let us help you. For more information, book a call now!