With Pinterest marketing tools, less is more.

Regarding Pinterest marketing, your goals are simple: to inspire pinners and to attract traffic to your business and turn visitors into customers. But, of course, this requires a great Pinterest strategy to boost your traffic.

Pinterest marketing tools are an efficient resource for implementing your strategy. In addition, they can help you with analytics, design, and scheduling. This last part is essential as being consistent long-term with your Pinterest posting is a significant part of your future success. 

However, with so many new tools getting advertised as the “best in town,” it’s essential to know which Pinterest tools you need.

Beyond Pinterest’s own resources, Pinterest marketers only really need two tools to craft a winning Pinterest strategy- Canva and Tailwind. 


Canva: The Best Tool To Design Phenomenal Pins

Canva is an easy-to-use, reliable design app. It lets you make custom graphics without needing any graphic design expertise. It’s much easier to learn than Photoshop, and you’ll get beautiful results in no time.

As Pinterest is a visually driven search engine, Canva is crucial for Pinterest marketers.

How Does Canva Work?

The process is much more straightforward than other design applications, making Canva as popular as it is.

After you log in to Canva’s accessible interface, you can choose a ready-made template and make changes to it to fit your style and branding. 

Canva helps you get straight into creator’s mode with millions of editable graphic design elements. They even have a Canva Design School to help you learn while you work.

You can make and tailor countless templates as per need. As Canva templates come in various styles, this will keep your profile and Pins fresh. 

Canva can also help you work on group projects with your team members and clients. 

Lastly, it allows you to share your work and ideas through sharing links and a scheduling tool to social media platforms.

Why Is Canva The Best Tool For Pinterest Marketing?

Since Canva works on both mobile phones and computers, you can work on your Pinterest marketing strategy wherever and whenever you like. 

Google loves Pinterest images and making bland graphics won’t help you meet your Pinterest goals. Instead, Canva makes you stand out. You see, Pinterest rewards long-lasting, evergreen content, and that’s why you need to invest in the graphics of your Pins. 

When your Canva-made, neat pins show up in the home or search feed, your unique Pinterest audience is bound to get hooked.

With Canva doing all the hard work and with suitable titles, your Pinterest referrals are bound to skyrocket, just like your site traffic.

Because Canva is super customizable, you can take care of all intricacies like dimensions, brand colors, and even scheduling your work if you can’t afford another tool. All of these features make Canva the best available tool for Pinterest marketing.

Should You Invest In Canva For Pinterest Marketing?

Despite its limited features, Canva’s free version is still pretty powerful. However, a paid version also gives you access to more features and tools.

The pro plan comes with more than 420,000 templates, a brand kit, 100 GB of cloud storage, and millions of elements to add to your designs. 

All of these fantastic goodies make its premium plan so worth it!

Tailwind- The One Scheduling Tool You Need

Although Canva can schedule your pins, it can be a bit limiting; that’s when it’s time to move on to Tailwind App for your scheduling needs. Tailwind is a scheduling tool that helps e-commerce stores, content creators, bloggers, and brands grow their Pinterest audience. 

Tailwind works by making great Pins, posting them on Pinterest at the right time, and getting many clicks in return. 

How Does Tailwind Work?

Tailwind lets you create catchy content for Pinterest (and Instagram, but that’s not our focus here). Its simple drag-and-drop interface enables you to schedule individual posts and queues. 

Once you’ve added posts to your calendar, you can move them around as you see fit. For example, you can change the order of your post queues so that your followers only see the same post. This way, you can automate your posts with the Tailwind app.

What Makes Tailwind Great For Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing can be time-consuming if you don’t schedule your posts ahead of time. Tailwind helps you do that, so they will always go out automatically.

Tailwind also gives you optimization features like analytics for Pinterest, which can be helpful when you’re scheduling content. You can learn quite a bit from their analytics, especially regarding which individual pins are working the best; maybe you can spot a pattern and create more of them. 

Is Tailwind Worth The Price For Pinterest Marketing?

Yes, very much so! Like Canva, Tailwind is a must-have tool for all Pinterest marketers. Even though it has a free version, Tailwind’s great features make it worth the investment. 

But What About The Rest Of Pinterest Marketing?

Now, come on, Pinvincibles, what about keyword research? How can we determine what works and what doesn’t for our blog? How can we make data-driven decisions without expensive subscriptions? My friend uses seven tools and is about to buy three more! You only need a little to get started. Don’t overwhelm yourself with dozens of tools. You can use Pinterest itself for your keyword research, for example. 

To learn more about such secrets, stay tuned to our blog. We can’t wait to share our insights with you. In addition, remember to reach out to us with any topic in Pinterest marketing you need our experts to cover!

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