Have you ever gotten intrigued after watching the latest Tiktok or reading that one Medium post everybody is talking about?

Has that made you wonder if such viral content could benefit your business? Well, if it made you Google “How to go viral on Pinterest,” we aren’t surprised.

However, what may surprise you is that at Pinvincibles, we will recommend that you avoid chasing the dream of going viral.

In fact, instant fame scores so low on our list of priorities that it has never been a goal or a part of our strategy for any of our clients.

While it can bring you a new audience and a short increase in orders, let’s discuss why going viral on Pinterest should not be a part of your business’s marketing strategy.

Stop Investing In Short-Lived Viral Content

On the surface, there’s nothing like viral fame. However, it’s frequently short-lived. Most viral content has a short shelf life, so you should be sure it’s generating excellent traffic.

This applies to all forms of viral content. For example, Vox looked at the most popular videos of 2014 to find out if going viral leads to long-term success. What counts as success? Greater brand activity.

They observed that brands producing viral videos didn’t receive a long-term rise in daily video views before and after. In addition, their data showed a two-week viral window.

After thi, such content receives the same amount of attention after 15 days as they did before the viral video.

Imagine doing so much hard work to land your content in front of a million eyes for two weeks, with zero guarantees of more sales in the long run and then having to start all over again, and again, forever. It doesn’t sound very appealing, right?

Viral Content Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Creating long-term connections with your target audience is so much better than chasing short-term traffic. Such bonds take months, if not years, to build.

Alex Beauchamp, who headed content at Airbnb in the past, has stated that she never wants her content to “become viral”. Honestly, neither do we.

Viral material appeals to a large audience; it never targets your specialized demographic. Some of your new audience may stick around, but most won’t.

Sadly, by the time you have discovered this, you’ll have wasted a lot of time and budget on a lost audience when you could have focused on developing content that actually matters.

Research shows how damaging it can be for a brand to be linked to viral content. Viral content can be good for new businesses that need to get their name out there.

However, the kind of people who watch these videos aren’t interested in the ads, so brands could waste a huge percentage of their advertising budget on something inessential.

Pinterest Favours Evergreen Content For Your Business

Pinterest is the best platform to use evergreen content because content on Pinterest lasts longer than what you can find on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

High-quality Pins can garner repins and engagement for a year or more, driving website traffic continuously.

Such content never expires. It’s valuable, searchable, and contains non-time-sensitive, non-seasonal topics.

This kind of long-lasting content is the opposite of trendy, viral posts. It gives your business marketing material that will always be useful.

This means that even if you invest in one-hit-wonder strategies,you’ll have to keep finding a new way to go viral, and that’s simply not sustainable.

How Do We Grow On Pinterest Without Going Viral

So, how do we grow on Pinterest without chasing the high of virality?

Define Your Audience

Defining your audience is the most crucial step when making a marketing plan. No matter your niche, the right message needs to reach the right people.

Pinterest analytics give businesses a lot of information about Pinners’ backgrounds, interests, and habits. You can use these insights to make your message more specific and to make your Pins work better.

Deliver Value

People on Pinterest always look for new ideas and want to hear what you and your business  have to say.

Pinterest gives businesses of all sizes a way to put themselves out there. Since it is a visual search engine, it is excellent to get your brand in front of new customers.

This is because Pinners go to the site to get ideas. They want to be inspired to try new things, whether it’s finding new recipes, new travel destinations, or new home decor ideas.

And it often translates as ideas on what they should buy next.

As long as you keep giving your customers this kind of value, you don’t have to worry about whether your content goes viral.

Be Patient

The rule of seven in marketing says you have to approach your prospects at least seven times before they buy.

Whether you believe in this rule or not, marketing will take a lot of work. Nevertheless, this is how you will build a loyal audience on the platform.

You will see more Pinterest referrals after some time. It’s not about one large ad or boosted post. Pinterest works like compounding interest. Posts build upon each other.

People need to go through a process and hear from you multiple times before buying from you. Luckily, Pinterest is just the right platform for this.

Engage And Connect

You are looking for engagement and connection, and going viral once or twice will only build a weak link with an audience that is now much broader.

Interacting with customers increases their brand loyalty and gives you vital customer insights. These insights can help your business make better marketing decisions about sales and content.

One of the ways you can streamline your engagement on Pinterest is by scheduling when and how many times you post, which becomes a breeze with Tailwind—the best scheduling tool for Pinterest.

To Wrap It Up: Invest In Pinterest Content Marketing That Matters

The problem with viral content isn’t its production or publication—it’s what happens next. Sure, you just got a new audience and a temporary increase in sales.

However, what will you do now that you have achieved it? You can’t build your entire strategy around it.

It will land you in a vicious cycle of running after one viral marketing idea after another. That’s way too time-consuming and expensive!

Instead, we believe that your content should speak to your niche, and going viral is the total opposite of that.

We will advise you to spend the same amount of time, energy, and capital crafting content tailored to your customers’ needs—something you can’t achieve by becoming a one-hit wonder.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it is, especially when you have a whole business to take care of!

Pinvincibles believes your time and energy is valuable, and we want to take care of your Pinterest marketing for you.

This way you can focus on what really matters, your business and the vision behind it.

Hit us up to see how you can hack your monthly business goals with our Pinterest management services!